Pokémon NetBattle

About NetBattle

NetBattle is the original non-web browser based Pokemon Battle Simulator. It gives you the ability to battle online against other trainers, using the Pokemon, moves, items and levels you want. NetBattle 0.9.7 only supports the first 3 Generations of Pokemon (Red/Blue/Yellow (RBY), Gold/Silver/Crystal (GSC) and Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (RSE/Advance)). Check out the Screenshots page to see NetBattle in action.

A Little History

NetBattle was originally created by TV's Ian in 2001, who then left the project due to lack of time and loss of interest in Pokemon. It was then taken over by MasamuneXGP, but he eventually left too. Bayleef00 got his hands on the source code, and upgraded NetBattle with the 4th generation Pokemon. He then disappeared and left "NetBattle Supremacy" to die.

Due to a lot of requests, I have decided to re-release the original NetBattle with a working registry, and a few updates to make it compatible with the latest Operating Systems. NetBattle has been tested on the following platforms:

Since this is just a minor update to the original NetBattle 0.9.6, it only supports Pokemon Generations 1, 2 and 3. The new update is called NetBattle 0.9.7. I doubt I'll be maintaining it much, but you can be sure that there will always be a working registry online 24/7.